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Student Course Scheduling & Information

Campus Portal - Student Information: Schedules, 4 year academic planner, Report Cards

Log into your Infinite Campus account to view your schedule. You can also create your 4-year academic plan to pick classes, view your transcripts, report cards, etc:

  • Your Login is the same as your school GAFE account
  • Click SCHEDULE on the left menu to view your schedule
  • Click REPORTS on the left menu to view transcripts or report cards
  • Click on ACADEMIC PLANNER on the left menu to pick classes using your year 4 year planner.  Select Diploma type (required - Standard or Advanced), and your post-grad plans (optional).   Complete your academic plan by clicking in the boxes and selecting from the drop-down options. Be sure to click SAVE! Here's a how-to video to help guide you: LHS Counseling YouTube Video for Selecting Classes


View our Program of Studies for graduation requirements and course descriptions/prerequisites.  

LHS Scheduling Timeline & Registration Information

LHS Middle School Scheduling Timeline

Use our Interactive Course Registration Sheet to see look over the courses available at LHS.  Check out the slide show presentations or videos by clicking on the courses that have links.

Going From MS to HS, Welcome to LHS (power point)

Watch a YouTube Video on how to Access & Use your Academic Planner (directed at rising 9th graders but helpful for anyone who needs help using the planner):

Check out our YouTube Channel to access videos about many of our elective offerings, and more.  Check out the 'Elective Fair' Playlist to check out Course Videos (more will be added)

APPLICATIONS (talk with your Counselor first before applying):

LHS Department Intern Application  (Deadline 3/31- SENIORS ONLY) - Apply now to take this 1 credit class which will allow you to work side by side with your favorite teachers.  Departments seeking an intern are:  Agriculture, Art, Cosmetology, Counseling, Culinary, English/Library, Health & Medicine, Health/PE, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, Technology (STEM).

Senior Government Internship Application (Seniors Only) - ask your Counselor for more info...apply now to take this 1 credit class which will allow you to intern at a local government office one block/one semester.

LHS Independent Study Class Application - apply now, requires teacher's permission.

Cooperative Education Form (Coop) - Students who take one of our Business, Marketing, or Agriculture Coop classes can also receive credit for working.  Approved coop students can leave early for work if their schedule allows.

Early Graduation Form - for December Grads or 3-year Graduates.

Exception to the Full Day Form - for students needing to leave school early to go to work or for some other special exception.

Nursing Aide Application - for 11th or 12th grade students; Intro to Health & Medicine is a recommended pre-requisite.  Due to limited spaces and high application volume, this course is usually limited to Seniors and some additional criteria may need to be used to limit those accepted (i.e. attendance, grades, teacher feedback)

Parent Override Form - Students seeking to take an advanced class that they may not be recommended for must have the support of their parent before an override can be considered for approval.


LHS Yearly Planning Tools for Career and College - Nice, clean and simple checklists and guides to planning for college each year of high school. – Great suggestions and tips for yearly planning for planning a path towards the career of your choice.

Big Future by College Board - Interactive tool to help with planning for college, financial aid, major and career