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Welcome to LHS Counseling Department

Counseling Office: 540-422-7367  

Group Pic Spring 2023

Fax: 540-422-7388

CEEB Code: 472310

ACT Code: 204-400

2023-24 School Profile


Important Dates/News

LHS Senior Class Page - check here for news and updates from your Senior Class Sponsors, Ms. Curtis and Ms. Dovell

Click here to view the AP Test Dates May 2024

- Students who are taking any AP course this school year are required to take the AP Test in May.  Students who do not take their exam will have the AP designation removed from their transcript and thus the GPA weight as well.

- Some exams will be offered only in a Digital format (English Literature 12th grade, US History, Computer Science Principles, English Language 11th grade, World History).  Students will be required to bring their fully charged Chromebook and be able to log in to their College Board account (same as AP account).

- Start Times are when all students are expected to be in the room and seated so that we can begin with AP Instructions to allow us to start exams on time.

- Finish Times are approximate.  Students are required to stay until the exam is completed for everyone in the room.

Contact Mr. McCaslin, Director of Counseling and AP Coordinator, if you have any questions at 


FAFSA Questions - Contact our Career Center to get hands-on assistance in filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

AAPPL Test Registration - Students who are fluent in languages other than English can either take this test for course credit (native speakers only) or for a certificate of biliteracy (students who have taken many years of a language).  If you have any questions, contact your counselor for more details.

Campus Portal Account Access - Here is where parents or students can log in to access important student information such as:  Report Cards, Schedules, Unofficial Transcripts, the Academic Planner, Attendance, and more. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact the Counseling Office at 540-422-7367 or email us (Staff information is located on this webpage).

LHS Students - We want to know how you are doing and how we can help!!

(click here for a quick survey & to request for someone to follow up with you if needed)

LHS and the LHS Counseling Office know that this is a challenging time for all of us and for some more than others.  We want to know how you are doing and if we can help meet any of your advising or counseling needs during this crisis.  Please take a minute or two to complete this quick survey and let us know how you are doing and if you need/want to chat with anyone about anything.  We love you and miss you all!


Click on the names below to send that person an email. The letters following the names represent the 1st letter of the last names of the students that are assigned to that counselor.

Eric McCaslin: Director of Counseling, Foreign Exchange & EL students

Sandy Harris: Last Names A-D

Lauren Curtis: Last Names E-Le

Vicki Lillard: Last Names LF-Ri

Chase Beasley:  Last Names Rj-Z

Caitlyn Campbell: Career Center Coordinator

Sarah Grace: College Adviser, Virginia College Advising Corps (VCAC)

Ariel Smith: Laurel Ridge Community College Career Coach  

Tara Neidich:  School Testing Coordinator

Sarah Dovell: Registrar

Dianna Wells: Secretary

Heather Michnya: Secretary

Deb Panagos:  Social Worker

Brittany Cheshire:  School Psychologist (serves multiple schools)